Harmony Harbor Goats for Sale

May 16, 2011
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January 2017

Celia has a great personality for a family milk goat.  We have milked her for the past 2 years, and she comes to the milking stand voluntarily, and is very well behaved as she is milked.  We’re selling her with her daughter from 2016, who also has a great personality and promises to be a good milker as well.

Here are some of the ways we care for our goats:

  • Closed herd, CAE,  CL and Johne’s free.
  • Full access to mother’s milk for first 3 weeks of life.  Have been separated at night since 3 weeks of age, spending days with their mother after we milk in the morning, so they’ve had the advantage of nursing for the long term.
  • Advanced Biological Concepts free choice minerals throughout gestation and since birth.
  • Rotationally grazed/browsed with organic hay and Chaffhaye as supplementary feed.
  • They have NOT been disbudded.  Horns are a part of the goat’s heat regulation system, and disbudding challenges the immune system.  These does have been handled daily by our children since birth, as has their mother, who also has horns.  We have not found horns a safety issue for people or other goats, and have had both horned and disbudded goats together in our herd.
  • Dr. Paul’s CGS herbal wormer given monthly.  Fecal samples of herd have shown this effective.
  • In our experience, our best producers are twin does because they are always with their closest companion


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