2018 Summer Camps


We are excited to announce the Summer Camps’ Schedules for  2018.

Harmony Harbor is the name of the working farm of the Rausch Family.  There is an 80+ year old “people” barn on the property known as “The Music Barn” where Kathy teaches music, and a variety of other classes are held.  The Summer Camps and future classes that will held at The Music Barn, are a way for the Rausches to share education, enjoyment, and an explanation of what they’ve learned about the roles God has given to humans, animals, and the land.  We call this website and blog “Cultured Home” because it describes what we strive to be…a home filled with people of faith and integrity, nourished by cultured foods like kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut and kombucha, by artistic culture…especially music, by the soil cultures of a healthy farm ecosystem, and by the positive influences of a neighborly community culture of the people we interact with frequently.

July 30th-Aug 3rd—-Boys 6-8 years–Time is 9:30-Noon

August 13th-17th—Girls, 9-12 years –Time is 9:30-1 pm

Each day will be filled with a variety of experiences from practical learning to games and music.  Topics will include soils and plants, poultry and waterfowl, cows and goats, and the food that results from raising animals and a garden for food production.

Each camp is limited to 12 campers.  


Please email the registration forms below to <info@culturedhome.com> or mail them to Cultured Home, 10704 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE; Issaquah, WA  98027.   Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Space is held when registration and payment are received.

2018-Summer-Camp-registration-for-Cultured-Home updated

Payment options:

*Mail Check at time of registration

*Paypal ($10 service fee)

Contact info@culturedhome.com

After registration, an email will be sent confirming acceptance to the camp.  In the email, more details will be given in regards to directions to the camp and any other necessary information.

Camper Necessities:

The camp is held on a working farm and these items are needed for each camper to bring and/or wear each day of camp.  The items listed below will not be available at the Summer Camp.  Please insure that each camper has the items listed below.

*Mid-Morning Snack

*Sack Lunch

*Boots/shoes that will be used in areas with animals (these may get muddy)

*Clothes for getting dirty

*Jacket, depending on weather (We will go outside even in light rain.)

*Sunscreen if necessary

*Medications if necessary



Please direct questions to the administrator at info@culturedhome.com

Classes will also continue through the fall, winter, and spring.  This will give great opportunities to continue learning more of the Biodynamics of Farm Life as the seasons change.  Each season provides a vital contribution to humans, animals, and soil!

About the Staff:

Kathy Rausch:

Kathy’s grandfather was an Arizona farmer and dairyman, and she loved visiting his cows and milking parlor when she was young.  It was really the ear infections and food sensitivities her first 2 children suffered that started Kathy down the path of tending a family farm, though.  In September, 2005, the Rausch family moved to Harmony Harbor so that Kathy could get goats and ducks to see if she could produce eggs and milk that her kids could eat without reacting to them.

In the past 12 years, Kathy has learned that it is really the additives, preservatives, farming chemicals and industrial processing of foods that causes most reactions.  It is very encouraging that the movement towards healthy, local food sources has grown so much too.  Now it is possible to buy raw goats’ milk and soy and corn free pastured eggs in our area…things that weren’t available at all in 2005.

Although the work it takes to have a family farm is far greater than expected, the blessings have also been far greater.  Kathy is excited to share some of the farm experiences her family enjoys with other children.

Kathy’s mission is to inspire character growth, creativity and confidence in her students as they learn by doing.  Kathy’s 25+ years of teaching experience includes music studio, classroom and homeschool teaching.  She has worked in public, private and Christian schools on the U.S. West Coast from Arizona to Alaska as well as in Germany and Greenland.  Kathy homeschools her six children.

Deena Rumsey:

Deena grew up in a small Nebraskan town, surrounded by farms.  She has always enjoyed growing vegetables and flowers, first, in Nebraska, and then in Alaska.  She and her family moved to Washington in 2012.  It was eye-opening for her to see the beauty of the plants, flowers, and trees that grow year-round.

Deena’s daughter also has high sensitivities to wheat, gluten, and soy.  In recently learning, that almost all eggs are fed a soy-based feed, she was able to determine the cause of the stomachaches…eggs…though it really isn’t the eggs, it is the soy in the feed.  This led her down the path to visiting Harmony Harbor, buying chickens, learning how to ferment soy-free chicken feed, and waiting patiently for the day when eggs are laid at her house!

Deena homeschools her two children, enjoys learning how to compost, growing fruit trees, gardening, and now adding the adventure of chickens.  She loves to learn and incorporate her children into the outdoor life.

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