Goslings spotted today!

My morning routine is pretty well established, which is important because it takes me about an hour before I’m awake enough for independent thought.  My wife will agree that stumbling around in the morning without having your “brain turned on” is a guy thing.

 Anyway, this morning I was stumbling through the routine of feeding the geese, and encouraging the ganders to hiss at me. 

“Good morning Duke, thanks for coming over!  I’m glad to hear that you don’t like me coming by because it means you’re being a good guard-gander for the goose who’s sitting in the pen behind you.”

I had finished throwing the lettuce & celery into the last pen and had turned to walk away when I stopped with a big smile.  Three bright, neon-green goslings had climbed on top of their mom who was still sitting on the nest (day old goslings always have a tinge of neon-green).  It takes 31 days for goose eggs to hatch, and there they were.

 The best part for me was the fact that I didn’t have to worry about keeping these little ones warm today, even though it was pouring down rain & only about 45°F.


What a joyful morning!

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