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Selling blown duck eggs

The value of my eggs tripled this week.  I just sold a dozen duck eggs on ebay this morning for $16.50, shipping not included.  The best part is that I got to eat them before they sold! I’m moving into … Continue reading

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Goose Laying an Egg

Here is a sequence of photo’s I never expected to get.  I was building nests for my geese (hole+sand+straw+shelter) and I happened to have my camera along.  Good ol’ Splotchy was having contractions, so I snapped these as the egg … Continue reading

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How to nest a goose

It’s spring (or nearly so), and that means nesting time.  Now that I’ve finally got the routine worked out for successfully nesting geese, I’ll share it with you. For those of you who just want to see how much I’ve … Continue reading

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Blown eggs–an easier way?

I love finding ways for my birds to pay their own way! Spring is coming, and the ducks, chickens & geese have been laying more eggs–good news!  Our surplus eggs (pastured, organic, no-soy, no-corn) have gone to friends.  That “egg … Continue reading

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