Resources & Favorite Links

Here is a list of resources I’ve found useful, or visit often:

Food & Nutrition:

Farming & gardening: (The Stockman Grass Farmer) (King Conservation District Manure Share) (“Fertility Farming” by Newman Turner, 1951) (treatment free honey bees) (poison-free bee removal)


Hand tools:

Favorite Groups:

Soil Samples:
*Ask for Dr. Dettloff’s Midwest BioAg Analysis
Dairyland Labs
217 E. Main Arcadia, WI  54612

Local distributor for Dr. Paul’s products:
Karova Farm Services
5649 S. Newman Rd. Woodburn, OR  97071

Acres USA,
1-800-355-5313 to request a book catalog

The Biological Farmer by Gary F. Zimmer

Foliar Spray to apply to plants every 2 weeks during the growing season:

2 oz liquid kelp (trace elements)
2 oz liquid fish (protein & phosphorus)
2 oz liquid humates (humic acid – fulvic acid feeds microbes)
2 oz sea salt (which ionizes & increases ergs energy)
2 oz apple cider vinegar (sets frequency for absorption)
1/2 Cup brown sugar or molasses (energy)
Garlic juice (helps discourage rabbits & deer)

1 gallon raw milk

Rain water – fill to make 2 gallons

Local Resources (Puget Sound, WA):
Fungi Perfecti LLC — Paul Stamets mycellium company based in Olympia, WA

Azure Standard — Bulk foods & supplies, a source of kelp & humates

Concentrates Inc. —  a source of kelp,  humates & organic animal feed in Portland, OR — Organic & wildcrafted herbs, Eugene, OR


This link will take you to the Ron Paul curriculum:

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