Spring 2012 Gypsum Application

I’m getting good at getting this stuff spread.

On Sunday, June 3rd, I applied 13 bags/520 lbs in less than an hour using my “flower pot” technique.  I fill 2 plastic flower pots with gypsum, hold one in each hand and shake them as I walk to evenly spread a 10 ft swath.  I started doing this because it could be done in the rain, but I’ve continued it because it’s about 10 times faster than using a 22 inch drop spreader.

On Saturday, June 9th, I applied 17 bags/680 lbs to cover most of our remaining pasture & grazing area.  There are 5 bags left and a little more space remaining, but I’m glad to have the bulk of the work done, and more than 3 acres covered with 1200 lbs.  I thinks that’s pretty good for 2 hours work with 2 pots and a wheelbarrow!

Why gypsum?   Our soil test showed we had very low sulfur levels.  Since sulfur is part of all proteins, and it’s got to be there to grow good enough grass to support animal health.

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