Ruth’s day with Maureen the cow

At dinner, Ruth Helen told us her story of the day.  She started by telling Abigail and me and covered everything again in greater detail when Kathy and Samuel came in for dinner, and when we called grandparents so they could hear the story firsthand.  Ruth’s story went like this:

Mo, our gentle cow with Mocha and Notable

“The story is about Mo.  I just wanted to feel what it was like to ride Mo.  She was laying down so I got on her back and kind of kicked her sides to get her up.  So she walked around a little bit.  I rode her up on the hill, from the woods to the barn.  I had a little longer turn because I had to turn her, or else she would crash into the barn.  I turned her with her ears because I didn’t have reins.  It actually worked!  Then I mostly went in a little circle.  When she was walking in a circle, she started to trot a little bit, and then it was even funner.  I held on to the neck.  It wasn’t bumpy.  Then she sat down, and I got off.  Nobody was watching except for Mocha (the yearling heifer cow), and the baby calf.  Mocha was too skittish, and Notable (this spring’s calf) was too small for me to ride them.

Later I tried to get Mo up for Joel to have a turn, but he missed it.  Mo got up when Joel wasn’t watching.

I wanted to get some fresh milk, and I didn’t want Mama to see.  I didn’t get the milking pail, I used my mouth for the milking pail and so I just stuck the milk right into my mouth.  How I got the milk out was the nipples were dry so I couldn’t get it out so easy.  I pushed on the udder, and then squeezed the teat so it squirted into my mouth.  I got a LOT of milk.  Joel and Mo got a taste because I squirted some into Joel’s face and I squirted some into Mo’s mouth.  She was chewing, and I got it right when she opened her mouth, so I got it right at the right time.  The milk was warm and YUMMY!”

This is quite an adventure for parents’ to hear about from their 5-year-old daughter.  At least her mom can laugh, since all’s well that ends well.  Too bad nobody saw this, because I wish we had a picture!


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