Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!


How do we know? Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

My very first experience with chickens has occurred and they actually do lay eggs!  I, Deena, was getting quite discouraged, along with my hubby and the kids but on February 28th, my daughter ran into the house to announce…WE HAVE 2 EGGS!  The house was in a state of sheer excitement!  So, our girls are doing their jobs.  We have collected 14 eggs ranging from a nice brown to green to white.  Boy, are they yummy!

With the help of the Rausches, this has been thrilling for our family.  This leads me into the whole reason that we even have chickens…soy.  Hmm, who would have ever thought that it really wasn’t the egg that was causing my daughter’s stomach to hurt but the feed that the chickens were given.  Almost all chicken feed is soy based at about 17%.  I found this very interesting and started to ponder if that was the root of my daughter’s stomach aches…and it was.  The Rausches & Rumseys feed only organic, soy & corn free feed to their chickens which leads to no tummy troubles and very pleasurable children.

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