“Cultured Home”

What is a cultured home?

To “culture” something is to cultivate it. Cultivating has several meanings, all of them useful. It can mean to prepare soil for growing crops; to improve yourself by labor and study; to cherish or foster; to improve.

Cultivate the land. Cultivate your talents. Cultivate a love of excellence. Civilize.

So how does this relate to the home? It has EVERYTHING to do with the home! Have you ever thought about what you are cultivating in your home? What is nurtured there, what is labored over, what grows in your home?

Many families, often without realizing it, are trying to cultivate the true, the good, and the beautiful in our homes. For our family, the journey of faithful cultivating began with a change of direction over food and health. This led us down paths we could not have predicted when we first began. Homeschooling started some of our like-minded friends down this path. For you it may be something else entirely. What it all has in common is faith in the LORD God to lead our families.

So here we can share what God is doing and provide resources, roadmaps, hints and helps for others as He calls them. Your family may not look like ours, but you can also cultivate what is true, what is good, and what is beautiful in your own Cultured Home.

Join us!

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