Nathan’s Sesame Candies

We love scooping butter with these crunchy wonders ....mmmmm

Sometime in 2003, we bought a couple sesame candy bars, and Kathy explained how they reminded her of the ones her grandma Helen used to share.  I looked at the back of the wrapper and saw the really short list of ingredients and decided to just give it a try.  It took a couple of iterations to get good proportions, but this one is a winner.  Now this is one of our standard gifts for Christmas & birthdays!

3 cups sesame seeds (soaked and dried)
1/2 cup honey
1/2 teaspon sea salt

Stir over medium heat for about 15 minutes.  When sizzling stops and the honey turns brown, spoon quickly onto a buttered pan and flatten.  Cut while still hot.

Soaking & drying the seeds neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors, and it’s something we routinely do for all our nuts & grains.  You can try it with regular raw seeds and get a good result.

As I’m cooking these, I like to let them go “until the smoke comes out”, which is the point where the seeds no longer sizzle, and the honey starts to caramelize.  You’ve got to stir pretty fast at the end, and press them out quickly since they harden fast.

The humidity here in rainy Seattle starts to soften these gems as soon as they cool, so we keep them in a closed container in the freezer.  The container keeps the moisture from acting too fast, and the freezer keeps them out of view from the kids.


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