How much organic material can your car haul?

I’m making the most of my vehicles.

The “commuter car” I drive for my daily commute to Redmond and back is a Toyota Corolla–it takes me 20 miles each way with a little better than 36 mpg.  This is great for my daily drives, and I’m very happy with it.  I do have a pickup, which gets used a lot for our farm jobs.

There is a challenge though.  I combine as many errands as I can on my drive to and from my cubicle job, and one of these is a daily stop at our neighborhood produce stand.  They save their discarded greens for me each day, and I take them home to feed the animals.   The challenge is when my little car and I show up at the market when I really needed my pickup.  Monday was one of those days.

My Corolla often gets used as a farm truck

The question in cases like this is: “do I go home and get the pickup, or should I see how much I can fit in my little car?”  I hate to waste a trip, so usually I try to fit it in.

Here is what I brought home in my little car in Monday’s trip:

  • Four 32-gallon trash cans
  • 1 case of watermelons
  • 150 lbs of spent homebrew grain (for my worm farm)
  • 3 bags of groceries & other stuff
  • Computer briefcase
  • Honey bee swarm capture equipment for 2 people (it stayed in the trunk for the photo).

This only works in the summer because you must roll down both rear windows to fit 3 trash cans in the back seat.

My flock of 28 geese ate all the greens & watermelons the next day.  I’d like to haul this much every trip; but if I did, I would use the pickup.

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