Soil Test Results

 We collected this soil sample at the very end of July, 2010.   The charge was $30/analysis.  We have a good relationship with our Vet, Dr. Paul Dettloff, so we chose to go with his usual lab & routine.

Sample #1: The grazing area is from a mixture of samples of the rich black soil that is in the south west corner of our property.  It’s full of moisture & organic matter.

Sample #2: The Soccer Field is field is a mixture of samples from the flat area adjacent our shop & barn, and also some samples taken from the ground south and east of the big cedar tree below the house.  Both of these areas have been graded.  It’s just fill dirt from construction of the buildings, and had zero topsoil when we moved in. 

Results show our need for Calcium, Sulfur, & Boron

Recommendation of how much Lime, Gypsum, & Borax to apply

We are low on Calcium, Sulphur, & Boron. The soil is also acidic (pH of 5.5).
The phosphorus came out excellent–which was a huge surprise, and a big change from our previous soil sample from 2006. It was virtually zero back then. All the poultry manure & compost spreading has paid off.

Our next step is to purchase & apply ag lime at a rate of 500 lb/acre once per year in the fall, and also 250 lb/acre of gypsum per acre for the next two springs (2011 & 2012).

But where can I find an organic source of boron?

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