Changes come with the New Year

Goodbye cubicle job!

Happy New Year 2011!

Here is a short list of the changes that have happened in the past couple weeks:

Laid off: After a long and lingering death, I was laid off from my job effective 11/31/2010.  Tomorrow I file for unemployment.  This is good news because it gives me some cushion to make a needed career change.

Boarding school for Samuel: I never thought I would be sending a child of mine off to boarding school, but Samuel left for the American Boychoir School on New Year’s Eve.  It’s been a decision that we’ve been working on for the past 7 months, and I’ve only got tuition covered through June, but I’m convinced it is the right choice for Samuel.   The school is in Princeton, NJ, and I think that’s pretty far away!

Home remodel: The upstairs bedrooms are under construction.  Drywall & hardwood floors need to go in next, as well as a new window.  Downstairs is ready to paint since the wallpaper has been removed.

Cold weather: Winter’s are always the coldest time of the year here.  (have you noticed that where you live?)  Our woodpile is going down fast, but I’ve got plenty to keep the house warm through spring.  It also means I get to haul water to the animals in buckets since the hoses are frozen.

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