Goose Eggs for Christmas

Blown Goose Eggs for Sale!

I’m purging some of my “stuff”.  This particular round, I’ve started to clear out my blown goose egg collection from last spring.

I’ve got about 50 blown goose eggs which I started saving for craft projects, or for selling for craft projects.  Several of them posted on e-bay now, and my first sale got shipped out last week.  It was a package of 10 eggs that went for $14.50.  The discussion in our house has been on what package size gives the best return per egg.  Should I sell them by the dozen, in packs of 4, or one at a time?

It’s nice to get paid for the stuff, but it seems like the work:cash ratio isn’t quite in favor of this one.  That’s balanced by the fact that it’s less for me to have around the house, and I’m just as glad for that!

After the eggs are gone, it will be time to start auctioning off some of the other things I’ve accumulated….Or maybe just haul it out to the trash… Hmmm….

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