Blown eggs–an easier way?

A small air compressor is a handy kitchen tool

I love finding ways for my birds to pay their own way!

Spring is coming, and the ducks, chickens & geese have been laying more eggs–good news!  Our surplus eggs (pastured, organic, no-soy, no-corn) have gone to friends.  That “egg money” goes into an envelope to help pay for the feed.

Finding ways to fill that envelope has had my attention for the last couple weeks.  Besides selling eggs, I continue to ship blown goose eggs for $1.50 each, which also helps.  The blown shells go for Pysanka, which are decorative Ukranian-style Easter eggs.  I’ve recently discovered blown duck eggs are selling for $6/dozen, which is a dollar more than I’m getting for them raw.  The challenge is finding a way to quickly and easily empty the contents from the egg.  This is a perfect (maybe) application for power tools!

Raw egg squirts out as compressed air goes in

I’m now using my air compressor & inflation needle to blow the contents out of our breakfast of scrambled eggs.  Warning: Eggs don’t do well when you use too much pressure!

Voila! A single-hole blown goose egg.

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