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Selling blown duck eggs

The value of my eggs tripled this week.  I just sold a dozen duck eggs on ebay this morning for $16.50, shipping not included.  The best part is that I got to eat them before they sold! I’m moving into … Continue reading

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Blown eggs–an easier way?

I love finding ways for my birds to pay their own way! Spring is coming, and the ducks, chickens & geese have been laying more eggs–good news!  Our surplus eggs (pastured, organic, no-soy, no-corn) have gone to friends.  That “egg … Continue reading

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The First Goose Egg of Spring

Joel ran to find me yesterday morning because the first goose egg of the year had appeared. The first eggs this year came from a pair of American Lavender Ice geese. Continue reading

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Goose Eggs for Christmas

I’m purging some of my “stuff”. This particular round, I’ve started to clear out my blown goose egg collection from last spring. Continue reading

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Got thin eggshells?

In my experience, an egg with a thin shell is a problem that can be easily corrected. In order to put a shell on its egg, the chicken mainly uses calcium, phosphorus & vitamin D. If any one of these factors is missing, the bird will not be able to create a healthy shell. Continue reading

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