Selling blown duck eggs

Abigail helps blow the eggs for breakfast

The value of my eggs tripled this week.  I just sold a dozen duck eggs on ebay this morning for $16.50, shipping not included.  The best part is that I got to eat them before they sold!

I’m moving into the egg shell business.  Blown goose eggs move out pretty regularly–I’ve already promised to ship off the rest of the ones I get this spring.  The surprise came when I found out that there is a market for blown duck eggs too!

Granted, the demand is pretty strong right now because Easter is just a few weeks away, but I’ll take it however it comes!  Kathy says that if the price drops down below $9/dozen, I should stockpile them until Lent next year.

I did purchase a tool that makes blowing the eggs a lot more controlled than my air compressor was able to do.  The tool is a “Blas-Fix Egg Blower”, and it makes emptying out the shells about as efficient as possible.  Each egg gets a hole drilled in one end so air can be pumped in through a blunt needle.  I then rinse the shell once or twice, and it’s done.  It add about 90 seconds per egg, but it’s worth the effort for $1.37 each.

Joel demonstrates how to use the Blas-Fix egg blower

The ducks are laying about 14 eggs every day, so breakfast today was scrambled eggs.  The afternoon snack is custard, and I’ve got a cheesecake in the oven for dinner.   ….   What else can I put on the menu to keep up with all the spring-time eggs?  Maybe a frittata?


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