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Bum Hay

It was coarse and looked more like straw than hay. I accepted delivery, and paid for it. That was a mistake. The animals won’t eat it because it has no food value for them. I was worried about being out of feed, and fear is a poor reason for making decisions!
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In Praise of Plantain

I’ve liked plantain for quite a while. The animals eat it, it grows a deep root into poor soil, stops bee stings from hurting, and is a good wormer to help fight off parasites. Continue reading

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Holistic Sustainable Agriculture from the Soil Up

There were 27 people who came out and joined us for Dr Dettloff’s presentation Saturday. I will type up the notes about local resources which we compiled throughout the day, and distribute them to those who joined us. Continue reading

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Got thin eggshells?

In my experience, an egg with a thin shell is a problem that can be easily corrected. In order to put a shell on its egg, the chicken mainly uses calcium, phosphorus & vitamin D. If any one of these factors is missing, the bird will not be able to create a healthy shell. Continue reading

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The taste of raw milk

I learned about barn odors & milk flavors in a cheese making seminar I took a couple years ago, and it’s true. We’ve tasted the difference in our goat’s milk between the days where they are out in the pasture vs. closed up in a pen–though they were eating the same food. Continue reading

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